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1. Heparin is secreted by—
(A) Fibroblasts
(B) Mast cells
(C) Plasmocytes
(D) Adipocytes

2. Interdependent genes with related functions, form—
(A) A coadapted gene complex
(B) An inversion
(C) A fitness set
(D) A super mutation

3. Which of the following animal has rhabditiform larva in its life cycle ?
(A) Ascaris
(B) Liverfluke
(C) Hydra
(D) Taenia

4. Which of the following Mollusc is cultured in water for producing pearls in India ?
(A) Pinctada
(B) Heliotis
(C) Anodonta
(D) Mytilus

5. Enzymes promote chemical reaction by—
(A) Reducing the activation energies
(B) Causing the release of heat which acts as a primer
(C) Increasing molecular motion
(D) Changing the free energy difference between substrate and product

6. The modification of hind pair of wings into halteres is the characteristic of—
(A) Lepidoptera
(B) Orthoptera
(C) Hemiptera
(D) Diptera

7. A molecule of ATP is structurally similar to a molecule of—
(A) RNA molecule
(B) DNA molecule
(C) Amino acid
(D) Fatty acid

8. Class Trematoda belongs to the phylum—
(A) Platyhelminthes
(B) Arthropoda
(C) Mollusca
(D) Annelida

9. Albinism is caused due to lack of production of—
(A) Tyrosine 3-monooxygenase
(B) Homogentisic acid oxidase
(C) Thiamine pyrophosphate
(D) Phenylalanine hydroxylase

10. Maximum power of division is found in the skin layer—
(A) Stratum granulosum
(B) Stratum malpighi
(C) Stratum spinosum
(D) Stratum corneum

11. Tube feet are characteristic of—
(A) Star fish
(B) Cuttle fish
(C) Cray fish
(D) Jelly fish

12. Which of the following is egg laying mammal ?
(A) Pangolin
(B) Porcupine
(C) Tachyglossus
(D) Bat

13. Acetylcholine is responsible for transmission of nerve impulses through—
(A) Dendrites
(B) Axons
(C) Cytons
(D) Synapses

14. Loss of ability to speak due to defect of vocal organs, is called—
(A) Alalia
(B) Alaorina
(C) Alate
(D) Albidus

15. Termination of amino acid chain requires codons—

16. ‘A tube within a tube’ body plan is met within—
(A) Hydra
(B) Plannaria
(C) Ascaris
(D) Fasciola

17. The parts of neurons that perform basic cellular functions, such as protein synthesis, are the—
(A) Somas
(B) Axons
(C) Dendrites
(D) Synaptic knobs

18. Lewy bodies are found in—
(A) Brain
(B) Plasma
(C) Lymph
(D) Kidneys

19. A hormone that stimulates the secretion of pancreatic secretions to neutralize the acid chyme from the stomach, is—
(A) Insulin
(B) Secretin
(C) Oxytocin
(D) Glucagon

20. Which of the following pair is correctly matched ?
(A) Excessive perspiration—Xeric adaptation
(B) Parasitism—Interspecific relationship
(C) Uricotelism—Aquatic habitat
(D) Streamline body—Aquatic adaptation

21. Cross bridges, which connect the molecules of a fibril during muscle contraction, are made of—
(A) Actin
(B) Collagen
(C) Myosin
(D) Creatine phosphate

22. Muscles of alimentary canal are chiefly—
(A) Striated and neurogenic
(B) Unstriated and neurogenic
(C) Striated and myogenic
(D) Unstriated and myogenic

23. The photosensitive parts of rod cells are made up of—
(A) Rhodopsin
(B) Myelin
(C) Keratin
(D) Actin

24. The protein which maintains the muscular storage of oxygen is—
(A) Myosin
(B) Myoglobin
(C) Actomyosin
(D) All the above

25. Tiedemann’s bodies are found in—
(A) Sponges
(B) Hydra
(C) Asterias
(D) Hirudinaria

26. In a normal person at rest the cardiac output or amount of blood pumped per minute by the left ventricle is approximately—
(A) 1/2 litre
(B) 1 litre
(C) 2 litres
(D) 5 litres

27. Biogeographical regions are also called—
(A) Zones
(B) Realms
(C) Epoch
(D) Era

28. Human nerve cells develop from the embryonic—
(A) Ectoderm and mesoderm
(B) Endoderm
(C) Ectoderm
(D) Mesoderm

29. Vertebrate kidney has a following basic unit—
(A) Nephron
(B) Ureter
(C) Malpighian tubule
(D) All of the above

30. In cladistics—
(A) A clad must contain the common ancestor
(B) Derived characters help construct cladograms
(C) Data for the cladogram is presented
(D) All the above

31. Which of the following organ develops first ?
(A) Liver
(B) Heart
(C) Notochord
(D) Kidneys

32. The infective stage of malarial parasite is—
(A) Metacryptozoite
(B) Cryptozoite
(C) Schizont
(D) Sporozoite

33. The ion mainly absorbed in the distal convoluted part of
(A) Na+
(B) K+
(C) Mg++
(D) Po4– –

34. Quadriceps and Gastronemius muscles are present in—
(A) Wrist
(B) Hands
(C) Legs
(D) Shoulder

35. FSH and LH hormones together are called—
(A) Emergency hormone
(B) Gonadotropic hormone
(C) Neuro hormones
(D) Outstress hormones

36. Shivering in severe cold is caused by—
(A) Voluntary action of striated muscles
(B) Voluntary action of unstriated muscles
(C) Involuntary action of striated muscles
(D) Involuntary action of unstriated muscles

37. Hypocalcemia is caused due to under secretion of—
(A) Thyroxine
(B) Paratharmone
(C) Testosterone
(D) Glucagon

38. The emergency hormone in humans is—
(A) Thyroxine
(B) Adrenaline
(C) Insulin
(D) Progesterone

39. Polio immunising vaccine was developed by—
(A) E. Jenner
(B) Dr. Salk
(C) St. Hale
(D) Landsteiner

40. In mammals which organ acts as blood bank ?
(A) Heart
(B) Lung
(C) Liver
(D) Spleen

41. Structure involved in Addison’s disease is—
(A) Adrenal cortex
(B) Adrenal medulla
(C) Pituitary
(D) Thyroid

42. Biceps and Triceps surround—
(A) Radius
(B) Ulna
(C) Humerus
(D) Femur

43. Chemical nature of insulin is—
(A) Steroid
(B) Lipid
(C) Protein
(D) Carbohdyrate

44. Which of these is present in human buccal cavity ?
(A) Ptyalin
(B) Trypsin
(C) Lipase
(D) Pepsin

45. Outermost covering of brain is—
(A) Choroid
(B) Arachnoid
(C) Duramater
(D) All of these

46. The application of genetic principles for the improvement of mankind is—
(A) Genetic engineering
(B) Biotechnology
(C) Eugenics
(D) Anthropology

47. Cockroach and other insects possess an—
(A) Open type vascular system
(B) Closed type vascular system
(C) No vascular system
(D) Both (A) and (B)

48. Ganglioside is found in—
(A) Nerve
(B) Smooth muscles
(C) Carolia muscles
(D) Liver cells

49. ‘Metachrosis’ is found in—
(A) Mammals
(B) Amphibians
(C) Birds
(D) All of these

50. Healthy parents with normal height gave birth to a achondroplasia (dwarf) child. This is due to—
(A) Spontaneous mutation
(B) Point mutation
(C) Induced mutation
(D) None of these

Answers with Hints
1. (B) Mast cells secrete heparin, a proteoglycan, which is an anticoagulant.
2. (A)
3. (A) After gastrulation, a juvenile is formed in Ascaris. It is 0•2 mm long and having close with Rhabditis, a nematode found in the soil and human faeces. The rhabditoid larva of the first stage is not infective.
4. (A) 5. (A) 6. (D) 7. (A) 8. (A)
9. (A) The persons with recessive aa genes do not produce the tyrosine 3-monooxygenase which is needed by melanocytes for converting DOPA (3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) into melanin (a dark brown pigment).
10. (B) 11. (A) 12. (C) 13. (D)14. (A)
15. (A) 16. (C) 17. (A)
18. (A) Lewy bodies are neuronal cells with pigmented inclusion bodies. They are found in brain in the substantia nigra and locus ceruleus.
19. (B) 20. (D) 21. (C)
22. (B) Muscles of alimentary canal are smooth unstriated and are innervated by fibres of ANS. These muscles are neurogenic.
23. (A) The photosensitive part of rod and cone cells are their outer segments. In rods, this part contains a shining pigment called rhodopsin or visual purple. Like haemoglobin, rhodopsin is a compound of a protein (= opsin or scotopsin) and a pigment (retinene).
24. (B)
25. (C) Tiedemann’s bodies are small rounded, yellowish glandular sacs opening into the ring canal on its inner side. There is one Tiedemann’s body between each radius and inner radius except in one such position where the stone canals enters the ring canal.
26. (D) 27. (B) 28. (C) 29. (A)
30. (D) The cladistic school analyses primitive and derived characters and construct cladograms on the basis of shared derived characters. A clad is a common ancestor and all the species derived from that common ancestor. Cladograms are diagrams based on objective data.
31. (C) 32. (D) 33. (A) 34. (C) 35. (B)
36. (C) Shivering is due to increased involuntary striated muscle activity in response to excessive cold.
37. (B) When there is undersecretion of paratharmone, the level of calcium in ECF falls (hypocalcemia), and that of phosphate rises. Such a condition is responsible for neuromuscular hyperexcitability.
38. (B) 39. (B) 40. (D) 41. (A) 42. (C)
43. (C) 44. (A) 45. (C) 46. (C) 47. (A)
48. (A) 49. (B)
50. (A) The child’s achondroplasia arose from de novo mutation in either his mother’s or father’s gamete. Such a spontaneous mutation usually originates as a DNA replication error.